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Vicki Andersen, NASJA West

Tamarack Idaho, HighOnAdventure.com
Oregon's Mt. Hood Ski Saga, HighOnAdventure.com
Oregon's Mt. Hood Ski Saga, HighOnAdventure
Golden, BC: A Playground of Earth, Water & Sky, HighOnAdventure.com
Snowmobile Central: Golden, British Columbia, HighOnAdventure.com
Snowmobile Central: Golden, British Columbia, HighOnAdventure.com

Janet Essman Franz, NASJA East

An Opportunity for Girls to Learn from World Class Female Athletes, Kids VT Blog, March 17, 2016
A Great Ski Deal for Vermont Kids, Kids VT Blog, December 15, 2015
Virtual Skiing, Kids Vermont Magazine, February 2016
Sugarbush Resort, In the Summer, Kids Vermont Magazine, August 2016
Water, Water Everywhere, Kids VT Blog

Peter Hines, NASJA East

First Chair with Guys in Their 80s, www.snowsportsna.com
Early Season Weekend at Okemo, www.snowsportsna.com
Learn to Ski or Ride for FREE. REALLY!!!!, www.snowsportsna.com
ORDA Seeks Improvements That Also Address Climate Concerns, www.snowsportsna.com

Roger Lohr, NASJA East

Kids Programs This Winter, www.XCSkiResorts.com and www.SnoCountry.com
Winter Yoga Retreats, www.SnoCountry.com
Family Destinations of XC Skiers & Snowshoers, www.XCSkiResorts.com
Art & Nordic Trip to Jackson - Capitol of XC Skiing, www.SeniorsSkiing.com
Romantic Getaways for XC Skiers or Snowshoers, www.XCSkiResorts.com

Mike Maginn, NASJA East

SKIING Magazine Folds: Goodbye Old Friend, SeniorsSkiing.com
Find Ski Buddies Near You Through NSCF, www.seniorsskiing.com
Shape Up 3: Challenge Yourself, Seniorsskiing.com
What New La Nina May Bring To Snow Forecast, Seniorsskiing.com
Shape Up 2: Up A Notch, Seniorsskiing.com
Skiing In Literature: Seeger's "Snow, Snow", Seniorsskiing.com
Shape Up 1: Easy Starters For Seniors, Seniorsskiing.com
Most Active Seniors Probably Have This Problem, Seniorsskiing.com
Five Ideas For Finding Ski Buddies, Seniorsskiing.com
New NOAA Winter Long Range Forecast: No La Nina, Seniorsskiing.com
Sail Skiing: Don't Do This On A Saturday Afternoon, Seniorsskiing.com
Remembering Portillo's FIS World Championships 1966, www.seniorsskiing.com
Snow Sports Leaders: Bernie Weichsel, BEWI Ski and Snowboard Expos, www.seniorsskiing.com
Remembering Portillo's FIS World Championships 1966, www.seniorsskiing.com
Winter WX Forecast: La Nina In Charge, www.seniorsskiing.com
Cross-Country Legend Sven Wiik, 95, SeniorsSkiing.com
Skiing In Literature: The Ski Diva's Double Black, SeniorsSkiing.com
Indoor Skiing? Bode Miller?, www.seniorsskiing.com
Diana Nyad: Breathing Primal Life Force, www.seniorsskiing.com
Indoor Skiing Tries Again, www.seniorsskiing.com
Adios, El Nino, Hola, La Nina, www.seniorsskiing.com

Jules Older, NASJA West

Help a pal learn to ski & snowboard. NO, NOT LIKE THAT!, san Francisco Chronicle's Slope Dope
Ding-Dong! The Witch of the Snow Drought Is Dead. NOT SO FAST., San Francisco Chronicle's Slope Dope
It is easy skiing green. NO, NOT THAT GREEN, SAN Francisco Chronicle's Slope Dope
Ski tips:Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask, san Francisco Chronicle's Slope Dope
Winter's Back: Ignore all previous advice., San Francisco Chronicle's Slope Dope
Exotic, eccentric, extremely weird skiing overseas, SFGate (SF Chronicle)

Jimmy Petterson, NASJA West

Uganda--It's All a Matter of Perspective, Maruba-Holland
Portugal--Skiing in a Summer Tourist Country, Snow-Czech Republic
Israel--Skiing in the Cradle of Civilization, Edge-Finland

David Schissler, NASJA East

Bretton Woods, the "Snowmass" of the East, The White Book of Ski Areas - The White Blog
You Owe Yourself a Visit to Mt Tremblant, The White Book of Ski Areas - The White Blog

Alan Tecchio, NASJA East

Explore Gore!, March 10, 2017
Top Five Electronic Gear Picks, Feb 10, 2017

Tamsin Venn, NASJA East

At Steamboat Let Mountain Masters Be Your Guide, SeniorsSkiing March 14, 2017
Rocking and Rolling for Seniors at Park City, SeniorsSkiing.com Jan. 31, 2017
Easy Going at Bretton Woods, SeniorsSkiing.com Jan. 23, 1917
Vermont Ski Weekend: A Stowe Getaway is a Chance to Unwind in Grand Style, North Shore Magazine Jan-Feb 2017
SeniorsSkiing Guide: Deer Valley - Service and Senior Friendliness, SeniorsSkiing.com Jan. 9, 2017
Stein Eriksen Honored, SeniorsSkiing.com Jan. 4, 2017
The Ski Trains Return!, SeniorsSkiing.com Dec. 19, 2016

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